1st Merienda
Rose, Rachel, Ginny & Mari

Chef Ron Bilaro w/
Ginny, Rachel & Alma

Picked Up Pandisal
Ginny, Rachel & Alma

Sous Chef Armand Reyes
w/ Anna & Rachel

w/ Consul General
Marciano Paynor, Jr.

Rachel & Ginny


One afternoon, four Filipinas got together to enjoy Filipino home cooking, or afternoon snack (marienda). The food was delicious, and it was an afternoon filled the chatter, stories and appreciation for the culture. It was decided then that more people needed to experience the richness of the Filipino culture, and thus, this blog, a place to appreciate all things Filipino, was created!

How is Filipina Foodies blog different from all the other blogs? Well, we don’t claim to be experts in the area of food or lifestyle so we’ll do our best to bring to you those that are. As a result, we’ll be learning just as you are, to appreciate other Filipino’s and other cultures that are gracious enough to share their culture, food and life with us. Our goal is to bring you a bit of their stories behind the passion for the things they pursue, and hopefully inspire you to live! Mabuhay!

Vision Our vision is to bring people together through cultural appreciation.
Mission Committed to sharing the richness of the Filipino and other Ethnic Cultures.

Founded: June 8, 2012